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5 Tips To Help Your Pet Live Their Best Holistic Life

Funny image of a white dog with their front paws off the ground and stretched out, one back leg in the air and the other planted on the ground. Looks like the dog is getting ready to fly
White dog balancing on one leg with arms stretched out in flight mode

Consider adding an integrative veterinarian to your pet’s healthcare team

These vets are trained in both conventional and holistic care, spending hours of continuing education to master the practice of treating the whole body. They can determine the best course of action to address a pet’s needs and often use both conventional and holistic approaches. Integrative vets not only treat a pet’s symptoms but also work to discover the source of the imbalance and heal the whole body.

Provide the best real food diet that works within your budget

It can be homemade, frozen, dehydrated, or freeze-dried. Independent pet food and supply retailers can be an excellent resource in helping you find what’s right for your pet.

Keep your pet active

For dogs:

  • daily walks

  • games of fetch

  • tug of war

For cats:

  • interactive play with wand toys

  • balls and small toys that can be batted around

  • hide treats to entice hunting

Change up the routine

Introduce puzzle toys to encourage thought and strategy, alternate walk routes to keep pets stimulated, incorporate daily interactive play for bonding experiences, rotate toys to keep them excited, replace old, worn and torn toys with new ones.

Create a healthy home environment

  • use plant-derived, non-toxic products

  • have everyone remove their shoes before entering your home

  • provide eco-friendly toys, bedding, bowls and cat litter


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