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Product Feature: Cloud Nine Silver Vine from Dezi & Roo

Cloud Nine Silver Vine is more potent than catnip and  more than 80% of cats respond with happiness, play and/or euphoria
Cat playing with a tin of Cloud Nine Silver Vine by Dezi & Roo

It is estimated that only 50% of cats respond to catnip. Which begs the question – what should you do if your cat isn’t feeling it?

The answer – silver vine!

So, what exactly is silver vine? Also known as matatabi, this climbing plant found in the mountainous regions of China and Japan contains an extra attractant for cats, that provides a euphoric feeling. It gets its name from the beautiful silver-white leaves and flowers that blossom off of the fast-growing vine.

The best part – nearly 80% of cats react to it. Cats that respond to catnip also tend to love it! Our favorite silver vine is Cloud Nine from Dezi and Roo.

This natural powder makes cats feel amazing! Simply sprinkle some on a toy, cat bed, scratching post, or pad– anywhere your cat loves to hang out.

Facts about Cloud Nine Silver Vine:

· Processed in the USA

· Non-toxic

· Non-addictive

· Provides added enrichment to your cat’s life

· Helps relieve stress and anxiety

· Sharpens hunting skills

According to Dr. Lynn Bahr, a feline-only veterinarian and founder of Dezi & Roo: when exposed to Cloud Nine, cats enter a euphoric state that mimics catnip, except it is more potent due to the presence of two cat attractants as opposed to only one in catnip. A small amount goes a long way and it doesn't take much to make cats happy. A small pinch will affect cats for anywhere between 5 – 30 minutes.

What to expect:

Typical behaviors may include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, drooling, and licking. Some cats will become very active and frolic around behaving like kittens, while others may relax into silly positions as if in a dream-like state.

A medium tin of Cloud Nine retails for $7.99, large for $10.99.

We encourage you to explore all of Dezi & Roo’s focused-on-fun products by visiting

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