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Ingredient Spotlight: Green Beans

Green beans are a nutritional powerhouse that provide vitamins and minerals and are a great addition to a dog's diet
Cartoon image of a Corgi with long green beans and cut green beans on a light green background

Whether you call them green beans or string beans or even snap beans, this delicious vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, green beans are my number one recommended vegetable for clients wishing to make homemade food for dogs.

Benefits include:

· Vitamin C – supports immune system function and collagen production

· Folate – necessary for DNA synthesis, repair, and methylation

· Potassium – helps support normal muscle contraction and relaxation, and proper nerve function

· Polyphenols – can help manage inflammation and inhibit the growth of bacteria, including canine oral bacteria.

· Insoluble fiber – helps bulk stool to promote healthy elimination

Plus, dogs love them!

Looking for a yummy snack for your dog that won’t break the bank? Grab a few raw organic green beans. The crunch is irresistible.

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