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Product Feature: Bark Potty

Many people have full-time jobs and are away from home and their dog(s) for 8, 10, or even 12 hours a day. Although potty trained dogs can fight the urge to pee for hours, it doesn’t mean they should.

Having your dog ‘hold it in’ for long periods can lead to the development of bacteria in the accumulated urine. This can create a urinary tract infection or worse – a bladder or kidney infection. It can even cause bladder stones. Over time, spending days, weeks, months, and years holding urine for extended periods can also contribute to incontinence.

While solutions like a collar-activated doggy door, doggy daycare, and a daily dog walker exist, sometimes these options are not affordable. Enter Bark Potty.

Made from real bark, Bark Potty contains natural outdoor scents that make dogs want to ‘go.’ The proprietary bark is naturally antimicrobial. Like cedar and other woods, it attacks odors and inhibits odor-causing bacteria. The bark fibers draw liquids to the bottom of the lined tray and away from the surface leaving it dry and leakproof. Unlike potty pads that lock in liquids, the bark fibers repel moisture and promote evaporation making it last weeks. Plus, the bark has the natural smells dogs love! It's the perfect dog potty solution!

One Bark Potty can replace up to 60 pee pads, lasts up to one month, is all-natural and recyclable, and simple to use. Dogs learn quickly how to use it!

There are two sizes to choose from – one for small and medium dogs ($37 per month), one for large dogs and those who prefer more room ($48 per month). Subscriptions are a minimum of one month and can be canceled at any time. Shipping is free.

For more information, visit Bark Potty. And for more pet health and lifestyle information, please visit


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