Kruuse Makes Well-Designed Products For Pets

Even if you have never heard of Kruuse, chances are the company has been part of your pet’s care. Headquartered in Denmark, Kruuse produces just about everything a veterinary practice needs, from bandages to lab tests and equipment, disinfectant to x-ray machines.

Kruuse also makes a line of well-designed and constructed consumer-based pet products under the band name Buster. The line features toys, food puzzles and mazes, activity mats, beds, dog shoes, socks, clothing, and outerwear, including winter jackets and raincoats.

I mean, just look at this!

The company also offers a fabulous Cocoon Dog Bed that was named Best In Class by Modern Dog magazine. Rest assured, the bed is wonderful for cats, too.

Made from a very sturdy material that is soft and durable at the same time, the Buster Cocoon Bed is easy to spot clean and the whole bed is machine washable and dryable.

Within minutes of placing it on the floor, my cats were intrigued.

This is what a normal sized cat looks like in the bed:

And this is what an extra large cat looks like in the bed:

Thankfully, the cats don’t mind taking turns. The bed comes in several sizes and ranges in price from $26 - $135. It is available online - and - and in a variety of retail stores.

Another excellent Kruuse product my cats are enjoying is the Catrine Catmosphere Treat Ball.

Treat balls are a great way to provide a cat with mental stimulation. Cats are natural born killers. The opportunity for an inside cat to ‘hunt’ for a snack can fill even the gentlest cat with pride. The Catmosphere ball is well-designed, simple to use and easy to clean. As it rolls, it is both engaging and rewarding. Here is Peekaboo using his head and paws to get to the prized treats.

The Catmosphere Treat Ball can also be found online, in some retail stores and is priced from $11 – $15, depending on the seller.

To learn more about Kruuse and its products, visit

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