On March 21, I held my second seminar at the Orlando Cat Café. It was the evening before Global Pet Expo, so the beginning of three days of pet-everything. Since so many cat bloggers, product designers, behaviorists and other cat-centric professionals were in town, the expo provided the Café a great opportunity to attract cat lovers from afar.

Just prior to the seminar, award-winning author, Ingrid King, who also publishes one of the most popular cat blogs in the country, the Conscious Cat, held a book signing in the coffee house portion of the café.

The Queen of Catification, Kate Benjamin (Hauspanther and Primetime Petz) was there to check out the awesome job Orlando Cat Café’s founder and owner, Sandy Cagan has done.

Ingrid King and Kate Benjamin

L to R: Cat Royalty! Ingrid King, Kate Benjamin (Tortie between them)

L to R: Kate Benjamin, Sandy Cagan (holding a cat ready for adoption)

The cats, all available for adoption, seemed to thrive on the attention.

Some showed their listening skills:

Pink noses are always a favorite:

Some showed off the beautiful and functional cat shelves and furniture:

Some just wanted to be adored:

As you can see, the Orlando Cat Café is one of my happy places:

My next seminar, Think Like A Cat – the Importance of enrichment and play, will take place at the Orlando Cat Café on Thursday, May 25, 2017:

To reserve your spot, visit http://www.orlandocatcafe.com/book-a-time/

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