The Natural Cat Litter By Weruva Is Pretty Great

A couple of years ago, Weruva, one of the only brands of canned food for cats and dogs that I feel confident recommending, introduced It’s a Tea Potty! cat litter.

Though the ingredients are natural – made from Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress) and green tea - there were words on the packaging that caught my eye – Fresh Aroma.

If you are a client, follow my blog, or have attended one of my seminars on cat care, you know I poo-poo scented litters. More often than not, they are artificially scented and that can be an irritant to tiny kitty lungs.

The other concern I had was the price. A 6.7-pound bag retails for around $15. That means less litter per bag and nearly double the price of other natural litters.

So I put the litter out of my mind.

Then a couple of months ago, a Woof Gang Bakery franchise owner asked me to try out It’s a Tea Potty (I assumed he meant my cats – ha!). He had been considering carrying it and wanted an honest opinion about its effectiveness. I figured why not?

Although most cats need time to adjust to a new litter, my cats generally do not take issue with such things. As long as the box is clean (everyone likes a clean bowl), they are happy.

I emptied the old litter out of the box, scrubbed it clean and poured in the bag of It’s a Tea Potty. I found the scent to be truly natural, very fresh and light, much like the natural scent of corn and grain litters, though more appealing.

The litter is in the form of small (soft) pellets, which quite different from the litter I have been using for years, so I was a bit concerned the cats would be turned off.

There was no need for concern. Each cat used that box on day one (and every day thereafter).

I had to ask: why would a small, natural pet food company create a litter product?

“Similar to how we started a cat food company, as consumers, we had personally gone through many litters and noted the positive and non-positive attributes of all,” shared David Forman, co-founder and President of Weruva, Inc.

David explained to me that Hinoki is a bit more water resistant than most woods, which helps both odor control and longevity. I have found this to be true on both counts. In addition, there has been less litter kicked out of the box, so that means less to sweep up.

Other positives:

  • Quick clumping

  • Flushable (safe for sewers and septic tanks)

  • No clay

  • Very low dust (none, really)

  • Made from sustainable ingredients

  • Excellent odor control

  • One small bag lasts a month

Here is a bit more from the company’s site about why Hinoki Wood and Green Tea were chosen for It’s a Tea Potty:

  • Bacteria are often the culprit when it comes to litter box odors. Hinoki Wood and Green Tea team up to suppress bacteria and odor naturally.

  • Hinoki Wood (Japanese Cypress) has long been a prized wood in Japan for the construction of temples, shrines and even hot tubs due its resistance to humidity. By curbing humidity, Hinoki naturally suppresses the growth of mold and bacteria, which in turn helps control odor.

  • Green Tea contains catechins, compounds with antioxidant properties. The catechins naturally help suppress the growth of bacteria and odor.

Yes, I am a convert. While it is still a bit cost prohibitive for me to use It’s a Tea Potty in multiple boxes, it is now the litter in the box in the master bathroom.

It’s a Tea Potty Cat Litter is now officially on my list of recommended litters.

To learn more about the product, visit

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