The much dreaded flea and tick season is upon us.

Protecting our pets from fleas and ticks is crucial. Ticks can cause a myriad of diseases and disorders from Lyme disease to paralysis. Fleas can be more than a nuisance. Not only can these little f*ckers cause severe itching leading to chronic skin problems, they often carry parasites. When an infected flea bites a dog or cat, the larva takes root in the pet’s digestive tract. The result? Tapeworms!!

It is no wonder there has been such a concerted effort in the veterinary world to keep fleas and ticks at bay.

There are now a wide variety of chemical products designed to help dogs and cats repel and kill fleas and ticks. Undoubtedly, this has saved millions of cats and dogs from suffering.

Unfortunately, not all pets can tolerate these pills and spot on products. There have been thousands of documented cases of adverse reactions including moderate to severely burned skin; kidney and liver disease; tremors and seizures; GI tract problems; and even death.

More and more pet parents are opting for more natural products. Demand results in supply. There are now more natural products, truly effective natural products, available than ever before. Here are some to consider:


This small company has created a line of products that fight a variety of insects and pests including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, roaches and more. There are products for the lawn, the home, dogs, cats and people – all without harsh chemicals. There are even trial size products. To find out more and/or to order, visit

Dr. Karen Becker’s line of Herbal Pet Pest Repellents

Products include a spot on topical Herbal Repellent (monthly application), Herbal Repellent collar (works up to four months), Flea & Tick Defense Spray (must be reapplied often), and Tick Stick (safely removes ticks).

Dr. Becker’s flea and tick products:

  • Contain no synthetic chemicals

  • Do not produce harmful effects when pets lick their skin

  • Contain ingredients formulated by nature

  • Are available without a prescription and can be used daily

  • Have a pleasant odor but are designed to create an undesirable scent to pests

  • Are fit for use on pet bedding

  • Do not stain fur

Although the Flea & Tick Defense Spray does contain oils including lemongrass and cinnamon, it has been deemed safe for cats. According to Dr. Becker:

Results from a 2006 study did show how the Flea & Tick Defense formulation was well tolerated by cats. This is a very important distinction for this product. I've seen my share of kitties in my practice that were injured through the improper use of a synthetic essential oil their owner thought couldn't possibly harm them.

To learn more about each individual product and which one (or ones) is/are appropriate for your dog or cat (there are products for each), click HERE.

The Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker Suit


This lightweight suit covers the dog’s legs, body and neck with a thin but strong breathable material. It is fortified with Clariant Sanitized finishing, which repels and helps protect dogs from harmful UV rays, mosquito, horsefly and tick bites. The Permethrin based repellent remains inside the fibers of the suit, so it never directly touches the dog's skin. It also provides non-chemical protection from UV rays and bug bites. The suit also protects a dog’s coat from hard to remove burs.

The suit's material is flexible, which makes it easy to put on and allows dogs unrestricted freedom of movement. With an SPF rating of 40, the Sun & Bug Blocker Suit also protects the dog’s skin from harmful UV radiation. 
Textiles with the Sanitized finish are used in army fatigues, hiking and hunting equipment as well as in tents and sleeping bags.

The Sun & Bug Blocker suit has been dermatologically tested safe for dogs and will retain its repellent qualities for up to 100 washes and also remains effective in salt water. It is available in a wide variety of sizes that are designed to fit most dogs. It is not intended for use on cats. Retail price is around $55, however the product can be found on Amazon for less than $50.

Currently, Hurrta is looking for testers for the Sun & Bug Blocker. Visit their Facebook page for details.

For additional information on the product, click HERE.

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