It is my philosophy that the treats provided to our cats and dogs should be both healthy and delicious. They should be made from real, human grade food, free from additives, grains, soy, corn, gluten and artificial anything. I recommend fresh, freeze-dried or dehydrated treats above anything baked or highly processed.

While there are many excellent choices available, few companies offer the outstanding quality and interesting varieties of Boo Boo’s Best Boosters. Boo Boo’s Best, an independent San Francisco-based company, puts a great deal of effort into the ingredients contained in each Booster, which can be offered as a treat or a food topper.

All meats (including poultry and fish) in Boosters are from either wild or grass-fed animals raised without antibiotics or hormones. Most are novel proteins, ideal for pets with food allergies or intolerances.

Varieties include Bountiful Bison, Renewing Rabbit, Kurobuta & Wild Boar, Exceptional Elk, Glorious Goat, and Kangaboo. These Boosters include muscle and organ meat, fat from meat, organic zucchini, green beans, pumpkin puree, papaya, blueberries, organic virgin coconut oil and vitamin E.

Single-ingredient treats, which are ideal for cats, too, include Mighty Mussels and Boo Boo’s Best newest, Whole Wild Caught Anchovies.

Boo Boo’s Best owner Jocelyn was kind enough to send me the anchovies for my cats to try.

As you can see, these are truly whole fish (a little too much for this vegan to handle, however my cats are crazy about the treats).

Boo Boo’s Best is offering a special coupon for readers of the Healthy Pet Coach blog. Enter petcoach10 at checkout for 10% off all orders. There is no limit or expiration date.

Not sure which of the Boosters to try? Why not let Boo Boo’s Best put together a trial pack for you. It includes two-ounce packages of three different varieties for $14.99. First time customers are invited to use the coupon code boost40 to get 40% off the sample pack plus free shipping.

Currently, Boo Boo’s Best Boosters are available online and at select stores throughout the greater San Francisco area. The company is planning to expand its reach regionally and eventually nationally.

For more information on Boo Boo’s Best and its products, visit

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