New Primal Freeze-Dried Venison For Cats

The most wonderful thing happened this week. I walked into my local natural pet food store and headed for the freeze-dried food aisle. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something new in the Primal Pet Foods section. Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was the answer to my prayers (and calls to pet food manufacturers) - venison for cats! Oh, happy day!

Many people assume that cats only enjoy poultry and fish, but that isn't so. There are a great number of cats that love red meat. My Peekaboo happens to be one. When I first rescued him three years ago, he would only eat raw beef, venison, and rabbit. Then the brand he loved went through some formula changes and he was turned off.

He has taken to some poultry in raw, freeze-dried and homemade cooked varieties, but has not approached his food with gusto in a while. Until last night.

The moment I opened he bag, Peekaboo came running. I barely had time to crumble the venison nugget and rehydrate it before he dove in. He licked his plate clean in no time and then stared at me with that, "I need more - NOW" look on his face. I obliged. He gobbled that up, too. I swear there was a smile on his face as he walked away.

As with all of the freeze-dried offerings from Primal Pet Foods, the venison comes in 5.5 and 14-ounce bags.

The venison formula is so new that it is not yet included on the Primal Pet Foods website.

If your cat is a red meat lover and enjoys freeze-dried raw, I highly recommend trying this food. Peekaboo gives it two paws up.

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