5 Imaginative Gifts for Cat Lovers

Pink Cat Scratching

One-of-a-Kind Cat portraits

$20 (free shipping)



South Florida artist Cat-hi, a.k.a., Cathi Marro, has created a collection of original, hand painted cat portraits, each capturing the pure (or is that purrrr) essence of a cat. No two are alike! Each portrait has its own theme, like Kitty Sings The Blues, Happy Pink Cat Playing Flute, Let Me In, Cat At Christmas Tree Lot, and many more. Each 9" x 12" painting is dated and signed by the artist.

Order by the end of the year and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Jackson Galaxy Foundation with a mission to better the lives of sheltered animals by transforming the places they live and helping the people who care for them.

Cat Lady Box

Monthly subscription box for cat ladies


$34.99 for one Holiday Box

$34.99 - $215.99 for 1, 3 or 6 Month Subscription

Treat the cat people in your life to The Cat Lady Box, the first-ever monthly subscription box for people crazy about cats. Each monthly box contains the most unique and exclusive cat lady finds. Cat-themed jewelry, clothes, accessories, decor, books and more delivered in a box the cat can keep (of course).

Color Me Cats Coloring Book for Adults


$15 + $3.25 shipping

Artist BZTAT has created this cat-themed coloring book designed for adults who wish to revisit the joys of childhood through coloring. Adult coloring books have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity as a means for creative stress relief.

Color Me Cats features 25 original line drawings, each featuring a scene with a cat. The drawings are intricately arranged to present creative challenges for adult colorists

Twinkle Bug

Twinkle Tipper

SmartyKat's New Electronic Cat Toys Designed For Quiet Play After Dark

Available at Target, Walmart, PetSmart, Amazon.com, etc.

$6.99 - $9.99 each

SmartyKat’s Twinkle Time toys help cat parents catch some shuteye by offering an alternative to noisy nighttime play with quiet, light-up toys specifically designed to be played with after dark. The engaging blinking lights activate a cat’s natural instincts to chase, pounce and play, while at the same time, cat parents sleep undisturbed.

  • Twinkle Tipper - light-up balance toys that twinkle and blink with every touch. The self-righting balls wobble and roll with the flick of a paw, causing the dangling teasers to dance and sway.

  • Twinkle Bug - toys with fuzzy plush heads and soft plastic bodies that allow the touch-activated, two-colored flashing lights to really shine.

  • Sweet Dreamer - soft and fuzzy toys with touch-activated violet lights. Their cushy fabric and small size make the cute sheep and owl perfect for cuddling and carrying.

  • Cloud Kicker - jumbo, plush toys with lights that blink with every swat and shake. Their large size makes them ideal for cats that like to kick and wrestle with their toys, but the soft and cozy fabrics mean they’re great for hugging too.

  • Flicker Buddy - just add the provided organic catnip to these cute critters and let the fun begin. The bird and squirrel designs both features a flickering light ball body combined with a refillable catnip pocket in the soft plush tail.

Temporary Cat Theme Tattoos



What cat person wouldn't want cat-themed tattoos? The Tribal Collection by Cattoo Design features two sheets of five designs. Something for every occasion, really.

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