The last place you or your pet wants to be during the holidays is in the ER. Yet every year, that is exactly what happens. Most incidents and injuries can be avoided by following a few simple tips.


You light the candles. Out of the corner of your eye you see your cat crouched down, eyes dilated, tushy wiggling. This will not end well. If pyrotechnics is not what you had in mind as an accompaniment to your latkes, keep your kitty away from the mesmerizing flames. Either place your menorah in a spot where kitty can't get to it or consider opting for an electric menorah.



If you have a cat, it is a good idea not to have a real tree. There, I said it. Cats love trees. Cats climb trees. Cats knock over trees. If you have an artificial tree, your cat may still be curious, but will most likely not try to claw his way to the top.


Tinsel can be very dangerous to cats and dogs. If ingested, it can really wreak havoc. Depending on how much is eaten, tinsel can cause severe, painful (and expensive) problems like an intestinal blockage. Ingesting a small amount may only lead to a doggie or kitty doody train, but who the hell wants to clean that up?


Wires from decorative lights can be an invitation for cats and dogs to gnaw or get tangled in. A great way to discourage chewing is to put a light pinch of cayenne pepper on the wires (use some oil to help it stick). One taste and even the most stubborn pet will stop. A moment of his/her discomfort is certainly better than a shock or electrical fire.



As most of you know, chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes, salt, and alcohol are toxic to cats and/or dogs. So if your roast beast is basted in onions and your veggies loaded with salt, do not share them with your fur babies. Here’s a list of toxic foods for pets.

dog turkey.jpeg

If you want your pet to share in the meal, some turkey or chicken lightly cooked stove top or baked without seasoning along with some baked sweet potatoes is wonderful. If your dog loves green beans or other green veggie, go ahead and mix some in.

Too often there is that one crazy uncle or friend who thinks giving Fluffy or Fido some beer is absolutely hilarious. You might let that person know that tremors and death are not hilarious.


Familiarize yourself with plants and flowers that are toxic to pets. This is important for giving as well as receiving. Here is a list of what to avoid.

Here’s to a safe, happy, drama-free holiday season!

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