With the holidays right around the corner, the pressure is on to find appropriate gifts for all of the people in your life.

Luckily, your list includes dog lovers. Here are some gift ideas that are anything but average.


I'd Rather Be With My Dog $25 - $50 (free shipping)

A wonderful assortment of tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies and more, all inspired by a song written and performed by founder Doug Ratner. Best part - proceeds from every purchase benefit shelters and rescue groups.

Dog Butt Magnets $13.95

Five adorable tushies and a fire hydrant. Who wouldn't want these on their fridge? Each purchase funds 14 bowls of food for shelter dogs.

Cone of Shame LED Keychain $8.95

Both humorous (maybe not to the dog) and functional - press on the tail and the eyes light up! Great for those evening walks. Every purchase funds 14 bowls of food for shelter dogs.


Silver Wine Charm Set $12 (8 charms)

Practical, yet charming, these handmade, beaded pewter charms are a great way for guests to keep track of their own drinks. Fits around cocktail glasses, mugs, handles, and of course, wine glasses.


Soggy Doggy Slobber Swabber $5.99

Some dogs are just messier than others. For pet parents with exceptionally slobbery breeds, this super absorbent microfiber chenille clean stick absorbs 5x more dog slobber than a regular towel. It mops up dog drool and slobber from windows, floors, car seats, and consoles quickly and effectively. Plus, the soft and silky noodles are gentle on all surfaces, including a dog’s face.

Liberty Wristband Hands-Free Leash $29.99

This first-of its-kind dog wristband allows dog parents the freedom to walk their dogs without holding on to a leash. Very practical for shopping, talking on the phone, etc. It features a comfortable, weatherproof neoprene cuff and a specially engineered quick release that, when manually activated, releases simply and instantly with any sized force or load.


Houndabout Bicycle Trailer $249 - $399

A great way to take dogs along for a ride or to transport them to the park for a game of catch. The trailer is lightweight and rustproof and has a low center of gravity for stability. There are pockets to hold a leash, phone, keys, water bottles, treats, etc. Comes in medium and large. The company also offers a Stroller Conversion Kit (with padded handlebar, swiveling front wheel, cupholder and parking brake). The trailer can convert to a stroller in around one minute.

Home/Away Travel Organizer $59

Everything a dog needs for a day out or an extended vacation. Great as an emergency to go kit, too. The organizer features a one-liter Water Bottle, 10-cup Food Storage Bag, and two collapsible Travel Bowls. There are also areas to hold a leash; cleaning towel; chew toy; blanket; brush; fetch toy; "poopy" bags; toothbrush; medications; first aid supplies; feeding mat; etc.

Looking for quirky and fun gifts for cat lovers? Click HERE.

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