Unusual Gifts For The Cat Lovers On Your List

There are cat-themed gifts, and then there are awesome cat-themed gifts. This list is about awesome.

Knee High Catyhose On Sale now for $8

Who wouldn't want little kitty faces on their legs?


Bombay Cat Purse On sale now for $58

(must click on link for image)

The purrrfect vegan purse for day and night.

Meowy Christmas Ugly Sweater $20

I don't know if the whole ugly sweater trend is hipster or if we've all just given up fighting the inevitable. Why not help a friend look catastic while wearing one?

cat ugly sweater.jpg

Catnap Pillowcases $32

This 300 thread count Pima cotton pillowcase set is a stylish way to catify the bed.

cat pillowcases.jpg

Cat Butt Window Stickers $8 for 2; $10 for 3, etc.

Cat butts! On the car window! Squee!!!

cat butt stickers.jpg

Crazy Cat Daddy Mug $13

There is nothing crazy about men loving their cats. Real men love cats.

cat daddy mug.jpg

Catman Shirt $24

So much better than a Batman shirt.


Cat Cufflinks $40

Purrrrfect for any occassion. As a bonus, 5% of your purchase goes to the Seattle Humane Society.


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