Playtime Is An Important Part Of Your Cat's Day

The kitty you love with all of your heart, the one with the giant eyes and kissable jellybean toes - she sure is adorable. She is also a remarkable killing machine.

As her human, it is your job to help her satisfy her natural hunting instincts. That's where the fun comes in because you get to do this through play!

While it is important for all of us to have interactive playtime with our cat(s) every day (at least once, better twice, for five to ten minutes per session), it is equally important that he/she also has toys to pounce, bat around and chase. The benefits of independent playtime include exercise, mental stimulation and a constructive use of energy.

Toy mice and balls and such are great, but sometimes they just don't pique a cat's interest. Some of the battery operated toys make weird sounds that can be a turnoff to a cat's keen senses.

That is why I was thrilled to discover the Feather Whirl by SmartyKat.

This well-designed toy is battery operated, however the low hum of the motor doesn't seem to be too distracting, at least not to my three cats.

The base of the toy is a ball. As it spins, the attached wand with feathers whirls and twirls. The pattern never repeats itself, so it really keeps cats intrigued. On hard surfaces, like wood or tile, the ball also moves, adding to the fun.

The Feather Whirl can make an excellent addition to any cat's collection and will probably stay fresh for a long time if rotated along with other toys.

Check out the short video of my cat Emma playing with the Feather Whirl.

Since cats have a schedule of hunt, kill, eat, groom, sleep, repeat, it is a good idea to encourage them to play before mealtime. That way, their food can be offered as their "kill."

The more we understand our cats and their needs, the happier we make them.

To learn more about the Feather Whirl or to order, visit

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