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How To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween

Whimsical image of a grey cat short haired cat and adorable brown dog holding hands. They are both wearing Halloween witch hats.
Cat and dog dressed for Halloween

Halloween is a big deal here in the United States. According to a survey by Statista, 70 percent of Americans enjoy participating in activities and traditions of this beloved holiday. You know who isn’t looking forward to the flurry of activity Halloween brings to the home? Pets! Even the friendliest dog or calmest cat can become stressed and anxious. Here are some tips on how to keep pets calm and safe.

  • Keep your pets inside and confined to a secure room (closed door, windows closed, or slightly cracked open). Create a sanctuary with your pet’s favorite bed or blanket, a couple of toys, food, water, and a litter box for cats. Turn on music or television – something to provide a soothing background sound. YouTube offers a wide selection of calming videos and music for dogs and cats.

  • Offer CBD treats. Start in the morning with or after breakfast. Give another treat midday and then another right as the sun is setting.

  • Avoid the constant ringing of the doorbell and children shouting “trick or treat” by providing a bowl of candy with a "please take one" sign. Bonus: Scare the bejesus out of kids by using your home security system to monitor the area. If a trick-or-treater takes more than one piece of candy, say “I saw that” or simply “boo!” LOL!!

  • Keep pets away from chocolate. It is toxic because it contains theobromine and caffeine, two chemicals that pets cannot metabolize. Dark chocolate contains higher levels of both and can be more harmful. Many dogs love the taste and can sniff it out. Some dogs will even eat through bags to get at it. Any candy in your home should be secured and out of reach. Signs your pet has ingested chocolate include vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, panting or restlessness, excessive urination, and a racing heart rate. Seek immediate medical attention.

  • If you have a black cat, be extra vigilant on the days leading up to Halloween. Even with Black Cat Appreciation Day and National Black Cat Day helping to debunk old superstitions, some people still view black cats as bad luck and some go as far as to call them evil (as if!!). Please don’t take the chance of someone harming your kitty. Keep them inside. Fun Fact: Black cats are considered good luck in much of Asia and in the United Kingdom. Learn more here.

Now that your pets are safe and stress-free, have a fun and happy Halloween!


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