Helping Pets Thrive

For most of us, cats and dogs are our furry children. Keeping them healthy and happy is a priority. Making the best choices isn’t always easy. There is a vast amount of information out there on how to care for pets. Confusing matters is the seemingly endless contradictory opinions on everything from the "right" foods to the most important supplements and even the best toys, litters, flea protection and more. This can be overwhelming when trying to determine what is best for our pets. 

Healthy Pet Coach Jodi Ziskin empowers pet parents with accurate information so the best choices can be made to meet each pet’s nutritional, physical, emotional and social needs.

Jodi shares her expertise and experience on the following topics through presentations, workshops, lectures and private consultations (by referral only):


  • Bio-appropriate nutrition for cats and dogs

  • Why real food is best for pets

  • Foods and supplements that promote healthy digestion, joints and bones, skin and fur

  • How to read pet food labels

  • Sources of ingredients in commercial pet foods

  • Understanding commercial food options

  • Herbal remedies


  • Importance of exercise

  • Interactive play as a bonding experience

  • How to choose the best toys


  • Eliminating toxins from the home

  • Keeping pests out, naturally

  • How to choose natural cleansers


  • Preventative care

  • Why annual exams are important

  • How to avoid over vaccination

  • How to choose a veterinarian

  • How pets benefit from acupuncture, cold laser therapy and other ‘alternative’ modalities

  • Natural flea & tick alternatives


Private Consultations result in more individualized information