Healthy Pet Coach in Action

Animalia Expo, Miami Beach

Healthy Spot, Santa Monica

Dog Bar, Miami Beach

Caturday Bonanza!

KitTEA Cat Cafe, San Francisco

CatCon LA, Los Angeles

L to R: Cathi Marro, Cat Artist; Daniel Quagliozzi, Cat Behavior Consultant; Me; Dr. Patrick Mahaney, Ingegrative Veterinarian

Global Pet Expo, Orlando

with Kathy Ireland

Miami Cat Network Gala

Jackson Galaxy poses with the CACLs (crazy about cats ladies) L-R Cathi Marro, me, Jackson Galaxy, Beth Hackney

Global Pet Expo, Orlando

with author and cat care expert, Ingrid King

Posing with Fiyero from Delray Beach, FL

Helping calm Spike from Miami, FL during a visit to the veterinarian

Snuggling my cat, Obi

Wilie and Cooper, Miami Beach, FL

(notice the Bengal wheel in the background?)

Scooter! Stuart, FL

Cindy, Royal Palm Beach, FL

Selfie with my cat, Peekaboo