Jodi Ziskin

Holistic Nutrition, M.S.

Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant

Jodi Ziskin is highly regarded for her expertise and passion in the areas of nutrition, CBD, enrichment, environment and care for cats and dogs.


After earning her master's degree in Holistic Nutrition in 2009, Jodi began working with pet parents, guiding them in their quest to make informed choices for their cats and dogs. She quickly earned the respect of clients, veterinarians, pet behaviorists and other pet-focused professionals throughout the United States and abroad.


Jodi is dedicated to helping pets thrive. You can find her hosting events at locations from Florida to California. Her presentations feature well-researched information on the benefits of a bio-appropriate diet, how CBD can benefit pets, exercise and playtime, why eliminating toxins from the home is beneficial, how to take a more active role in a pet's healthcare decisions and more.

Venues have included: CatCon, Pasadena, California; Silicat Valley Convention, San Jose, California; The Whole Foods Market, Tarzana, California; Healthy Spot Pet Store, Santa Monica, California; KitTEA Cat Cafe, San Francisco, California; VCA/Hollywood Animal Hospital, Hollywood, Florida; Kitchy Cat Shack, Hollywood, Florida; Dog Bar, Miami Beach, Florida; Animalia Pet Expo, Miami Beach, Florida; Great Florida Bank, Miami Beach, Florida; Abby's, Tampa, Florida; The Cat Cafe, Orlando, Florida and more.


She also shares information with pet professionals and guardians through various media. Jodi has been featured in articles appearing in print and online magazines/websites including Animal Wellness Magazine, PetMD, Cat Fancy Magazine, Catser Magazine, Dogster Magazine, Reader's Digest, Natural Awakenings, Kiwi Magazine and Urban Animal (Australia). She has also penned or co-authored articles for several trade publications including the Holistic Vet NZ Newsletter; Taste of Life, and Vitamin Retailer Magazine.


Jodi has been invited to discuss pet nutrition on many radio programs including Healthy House Call, Dan’s Health and Fitness, Staying Healthy, Forever Young, Let’s Talk Nutrition, Healthy By Nature, and The Kat James Show.


She spent many years as the nutrition consultant for Lap of Love, a nationwide (USA) veterinary hospice and for Animal RN in Northern California.


Jodi currently resides in Southern California with her cats Peekaboo and Emma. In addition to being a cat enthusiast, she is a dog lover, crazy about wombats, long-time vegan, nutrition geek and fitness buff. She has been known to indulge in a decadent vegan cookie or two.