"We have had the pleasure of working with Jodi as a client for many years and as a colleague and consultant since 2010. The patients we have sent to her for health and nutritional counseling have improved beyond our initial expectations. Her work as a Healthy Pet Coach really does seem to transform the lives of her clients. As we have found - and she has helped reinforce - when a pet is properly nourished and cared for, then veterinary visits are more productive, less frequent and in the long run, less expensive when the focus is on prevention rather than putting out the fires of disease. We feel a special bond to Jodi, since it was our practice that introduced her to this pathway to health, although I am pretty sure she would've found it on her own."

- Larry Bernstein, VMD


"As an integrative veterinarian, it's great to have practice affiliates like Jodi the Healthy Pet Coach who shares a passionate interest in promoting the holistic approach to dog and cat health through whole food nutrition, the use of nutraceuticals (supplements), and regular veterinary wellness examinations."

 - Patrick Mahaney, VMD

California Paws / PatrickMahaney.com

“After Jodi assisted me with a custom diet for my own dog in 2011, I knew she would also be an extraordinary resource to our clients and I asked her to become a consultant  for Lap of Love.  Since then, she has helped many of our clients find a better way to nourish their cats and dogs.  She has also assisted our veterinarians across the country with nutritional guidance for their patients.  Jodi has been especially effective in helping pets with inappetence which many of our hospice patients suffer from.”

- Mary Gardner, DVM; Founder,

Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Lapoflove.com

Jupiter, FL

"Jodi’s live demo and lecture on preparing homemade food for pets was by far our best attended event. Our clients found her engaging, entertaining and all walked away knowing a whole lot more about pet nutrition and care. Our marketing staff reported that she was a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with." 

- T.L. Brown, SVP, Director of Marketing, Gibralter Private Bank and Trust (former CMO, Great Florida Bank)

"It is obvious that Jodi loves what she does. Her presentation at our store was as fun as it was informative." - Sunshine Marie Smith, Marketing Consultant (former marketing coordinator, Whole Foods Market, Tarzana, CA)

Jodi has exceeded my expectations in every manner, way and form that one can think possible. Her knowledge, caring and compassion has made for one very happy kitty mom and above all has turned Siena into a healthy and happy cat. - Sandy F., Piermont, NY

“I honestly feel that connecting with Jodi saved my dog, Mr. T’s life!! Mr. T had never really bounced back from a pancreatitis episode earlier in the year and he struggled with IBS and stress colitis. He had lost 13 lbs, had extreme hair loss, brittle hair, low energy and couldn’t walk much farther than our driveway. IThat’s when I found Jodi and set up a consultation.  From day one on a real food diet Mr. T LOVED it. He is like a new dog. Friends and neighbors are amazed and I’m even more amazed. Now Mr. T is gaining weight and shows enthusiasm for every meal and snack! He even wakes me every morning for his food, which he has never done, and he’s 13!!!  His energy is remarkable and his eyes SPARKLE!!  The tips Jodi gave me for natural anxiety relief has also been very helpful. T was a rescue and has always had anxiety and abandonment issues. The products are safe and natural and take the edge off.  He isn’t sedated but is calmer. I can’t say enough about his transformation. I’m so grateful. Thank you Jodi!!  We love you!!” – Jodi F., Asheville, NC